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Psoriasis is skin condition consisting of scaly, inflamed patches of skin usually on the elbows, knees and scalp. It may also be on other areas and may be associated with arthritis of the knees, hands and back (psoriatic arthritis).  Although the exact cause of psoriasis is unclear, imbalance of the immune system appears to play a role.  There can be a genetic component in psoriasis.  It is not infectious.

Treatment Information

Topical treatments include prescription cortisone creams, tar creams, and topical medications derived from vitamins D and A.  Patients can come for light therapy in our offices.  Narrow band-UVB is available in all of our offices.  In addition, our Oceanside office offers narrow band-UVB hand and foot targeted treatment. Internal medications include immunosuppressive agents, vitamin A related medication, and immuno-biologic agents.

For additional information and support, go to the National Psoriasis Foundation webpage.

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